Photo of Samantha holding a tabby cat.

I’m open for commissions.

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About Samantha Gough

Hi! My name is Samantha. I’m a Canadian watercolor illustrator.

I’ve been studying art for the past ten years with a focus on watercolor for the past five years. 


I took art classes throughout high school but when it came time for college I wanted to go into acting – unfortunate, considering I can’t act. And so, I didn’t go to college. Well, I took a tiny art fundamentals course (and a travel consultant course) but I was officially uneducated.

What happened then? Life happened. A child and a variety of jobs. I’ve been an esthetician, a seamstress, a banker, and a mail deliverer.

As it turned out, this assortment of jobs was beneficial to me. I learned to be adaptable, to be courteous, and punctual. I learned how to listen to someone else and how to face mistakes.

Now I have returned to art.

I have largely concentrated on landscape painting but I also enjoy science fiction and fantasy art and look forward to working on those genres in the future. I have continued to experiment with acrylic, print making, relief sculpture in plaster and frescos. I find these experiments help with my overall art.

I look forward to speaking with you.