Afternoon Field


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The afternoon sun bright through bare trees. I grew up with sights like these.

Most of my childhood was spent on a farm – that didn’t farm anything. It had five pet horses, fourteen cats, and two dogs. The cats I understood. They wandered through from time to time and my mother took them in. The horses though…

I don’t know why we had horses that didn’t pull anything and that no one rode. There are pictures, from before I can remember, of a rodeo organized by my parents. My dad on Smokey, my mom on Moonlight – her foal Dandy was still a colt – my brother rode his pony Silver, and people I don’t know rode our other horse Socksy.

I never asked but I imagine the horses might have been an impulse buy that caused regret, though they were much loved.

The horses wandered fields like this painting until their dying days (and at least one of them lived to be thirty!).

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