I’m Samantha Gough.

I paint primarily in watercolor on paper and I have experience in photoshop. 

For the past four years, I have focused on painting a number of different subjects, in watercolor. I painted objects and people at first, then I moved into landscapes a now to buildings and fantasy art. 

I have experience with Photoshop, as well, and can use that program to alter color, remove parts of a picture, add in elements or move them around. I have made videos with photoshop and used the 3D aspects of the program. I also have some experience in Blender.

I have worked with people for many years, in different jobs. I enjoy collaborating and listening as well as receiving feedback to come up with the best solutions for the situation. Clear communication is important to me as well as punctual delivery of a project.

I hope to work with you, soon.

Samantha Gough