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Every year hundreds of geese flock to this stretch of the bike path.

In fall they’re still around but the babies almost look like the adults and are no longer quite so suicidal.

When they’re small they group together (often in the middle of the path). Sometimes there are multiple families in a group, so there can be a lot of birds. There’s always one adult watching out for everyone. 

The goslings are nervous little creatures and when I come down the path they seem to panic and head in every direction. I’m left to slowly weave my bike through them.

It has happened that goslings have ended up on one side of the path and their parents on the other, with me in the middle. Adult geese hiss and chase you and are pretty big birds and a lot scarier than they seem when they’re just eating grass. 

In fall the geese are practicing swimming and other things that take them out of the path of walkers and cyclists. Safer for them and us.

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