Muddy Field


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8 3/4 x 5 11/16 inches

22.1 x 14.4 cm

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A cool day, under a grey sky with the snow only recently melted.

This painting was an experiment with intaglio printmaking. That’s where the ink sits in grooves or scratches in the printing plate before being pressed onto the paper.

My experiment was very low-budget. The printing plate was a scrap of watercolor paper that I coated with glue. I pressed grass and twigs into the semi-dry glue to make the impressions.

In place of ink, I used watercolor paint, smoothing it into the grooves before pressing my “printing plate” onto damp watercolor paper.

I like the way the colours mixed with this painting. It’s a process that I’d like to incorporate more in the future. 

Process Pictures

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