Winter Breaking


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A little while ago we thought we would start a Youtube biking channel. The we is my partner Jason and I. We would bike around our local area to shoot videos and I would choose scenes to paint.

There’s a thing called La Route Vert (the Green Path). It travels from the east coast of Canada up to northern Ontario. As we discovered, the Route Vert that exists near Gatineau, QC (where we live) is mostly back roads.

On this day, the muddy road sucked at our bike tires as we made our slow way through the grey. The air was fresh with the melting fields to either side. Dusk was coming and there was a mist pouring off of the Gatineau Hills, in the distance. It was a memorable trip.

The Youtube channel didn’t work out, unfortunately. The back roads did lead to a Rails to Trails route, where train tracks had been removed, leaving a path that is good for biking and walking.

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